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[Beechmont 15 February 2013 - Published by the Beechmont Public Hall Inc via a letter drop to all Beechmont households]

To the Beechmont Community

As you are no doubt aware the old Beechmont Hall located at 1449 Beechmont Road was sold at public auction on the 17th November 2012.

Following on from that sale, the management committee of Beechmont Public Hall Inc called a special meeting, held on January 15th, 2013, to consider two special resolutions.  The first to wind up Beechmont Public Hall Inc.  The second to decide on the distribution of surplus assets of the association.

Both special resolutions were carried by 90% of the association members present and entitled to vote, thus satisfying the requirements of the Association Incorporations Act 1991.

The decision to distribute the surplus assets of the association to Beechmont Community Sports Association Inc was made in accordance with the Association Incorporations Act 191 and the rules of Beechmont Public Hall Inc.

It is very clear in the above mentioned Act and Rules that the asses could only be distributed to an institution or institutions having objects similar to those of Beechmont Public Hall Inc.

The motion put before the members of Beechmont Public Hall Inc was based on our solicitors legal advice to ensure that we satisfied the requirements of the Act and the Rules.

Given the opportunity as per standard meeting procedure, nobody present proposed any amendments to the resolutions tabled at the meeting.

The majority of the association members agreed that the distribution of funds as voted will have substantial benefit for the community of Beechmont now and for the future, while satisfying the constraints that the Act and the Rules have placed on the decision made.

Over time the members of the association have considered many proposals put before them, some of which were considered to be in conflict with the requirements of the Association Incorporations Act 1991 and the Association Rules. and were therefore deemed unacceptable.

In putting forward the Beechmont Community Sports Association Inc as beneficiary of surplus assets it is pointed out that a significant number of Beechmont residents are associated with this Association, including the following affiliated groups:

The members, friends, children and parents of all these organisations will benefit from the assets so transferred.  This will no doubt improve social contact among the current and future residents of Beechmont.

The committee expresses best wishes to the Beechmont Sports Association Inc. and to the community of Beechmont for the future, and believes that the facilities that now exist on Graceleigh Park and the benefits that will arise from the distribution of assets will serve Beechmont well.

Beechmont Public Hall Inc.