Beechmont Internet Exchange

Beechmont Internet Exchange


Beechmont residents don't have the best of broadband as yet. The National Broadband Network (NBN Co) will not come here. At least, not anytime soon. Talk is about 2020 maybe. Beechmont is too small with less than 1000 homes.

Telstra has upgraded the Beechmont Internet backhaul microwave and installed ADSL2+ DSLAMs in the Beechmont Exchange during August 2012. Telstra has also beefed up the RIM box at the Akoonah Estate around Christmas 2017, which now has more subscriber ports and ADSL2+. This is now operational. Ring Telstra if you have a need for speed.

This won't help residents with long lines and there is no word as yet what improvements are on the way for Farm Grove Road, which are on a so-called Remote Integrated access Multiplexer (RIM) with apparently only ADSL1 and no Internet ports left.

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