Beechmountain Distillery

Coming real soon now

Beechmountain Distillery

On a positively delicious note...

To the Beechmont and Lower Beechmont community.

(And all else in our broader community)

I am writing to you all in search for a show of support for a new upcoming local enterprise.

New Lower Beechmont resident Julian Hoyle is in the process of establishing the first licensed Brewery and distillery

“Beechmont Brewing Co” and “Beech Mountain Distillery”

Julian is in the early stages of preparing the impact assessments to submit to council and we would like to add to that a show of local residents approval via a list of names and addresses of those who would like to see Julian’s endeavour succeed.

Aislinn Marcantelli and Clyde Watts will be providing the location for the micro brewery to be established on at their property 33 Loop rd which shares the fence line with the “Beechmont General store” and “the Nook & Kranny” cafe.

The type of license Julian will establish will include the brewing and distilling of alcoholic beverages and will allow the wholesale of his products, paid and free tastings at the premises and retail sales through local licensed cafes, restaurants, hotels, venues and markets etc.*

In regard to concerns of local environmental impact we can assure that there is virtually zero noise pollution, no naked flames or smoke pollution, the building is not visible from the street, it features a simple yet very efficient water recycling system, the building itself will be powered in majority via renewable sources and will be built in theme with the bespoke unique qualities Julian brings to life with his talents.

Many of the botanicals and varieties of honey that go into the amazing recipes Julian has established will be sourced from our mountains producers.

We will provide an online survey poll and provide a physical copy at the General store, Nook & Kranny cafe and the Flying Bean cafe at Rosins lookout to advocate your approval for this exciting new venture.

Julian is a professional musician and brewing enthusiast who has honed his skills in this field under the guidance and mentoring of many established brewers Australia wide and internationally over the past decade.

We look forward to sharing these bespoke quality beverages with you all soon.

*33 Loop road will not become a licensed venue for the retail sale and consumption of alcohol under this new venture.